PTA Program Overview

We have an active PTA at St. Cloud and we strive to bring the very best programming to your children.  Please be sure to check our website, Facebook page and emails for the latest events.  Our programming can be broken out into several categories:

Cultural Arts: These are the special assemblies we organize that vary from music to an inflatable, explorable globe!

Family Events: These are the events that bring our St. Cloud families together such as the Fall Family Night, Movie Night or the end of year Fun Fest. Withour your help, these events wouldn't be possible.  Volunteer now.

After School Enrichment: We work with amazing educators to bring your children opportunities to learn beyond the regular school day.  We are proud to say that our class offerings are diverse and include an exploration of the latest technologies. Learn more.

Fundraising: Our amazing programming is not subsidized by your tax dollars, so we need to do everything we can to raise funds throughout the school year with programs like Box Tops 4 Education, Amazon Rewards and our No-Hassle Fundraiser.