Box Tops 4 Education

The Box Tops for Education program is the easiest way to raise money for St. Cloud! Last year we raised over $800 and our goal this year is over $1,200. There are so many ways to earn Box Tops for St. Cloud that we should be able to blow that goal out of the water! Go to and sign up. Email to see how you can get involved this year!

To reach out first quarter goal of $350, Box Tops are due by October 20.

What do box tops look like?
Most people don't even know what they're supposed to be "clipping" so they wind up throwing out FREE MONEY for the school. Box Tops appear on many of your everyday household items and they look like this --

Every month we'll be sending home collection sheets that your students can fill out with you. Make sure to include student's name and teacher on the collection sheet before sending it in with your student so we can keep track -- we offer prizes for winners ALL YEAR LONG!

Attention online shoppers!
You can earn Box Tops for St. Cloud just for doing your online shopping via the Box Tops Marketplace. You are still ordering from your retailer of choice directly, you're just doing it via the Box Tops website (similar to the Amazon Smile program). Think your store isn't included? THINK AGAIN -- there are plenty of retailers involved, check out the complete listing of retailers by clicking here.

Still not sure how it works?  Watch this brief tutorial:

Bonus Box Tops
Box Tops gives St Cloud the opportunity to earn BONUS Box Tops all the time. It could be for voting, entering a contest, or just for watching a video, etc. Keep checking our Facebook page and the Box Tops Bonus Offers page to see how you can tip the scale for St Cloud! Check out these bonus offers from COSTCO and WALMART going on right now!

Get everyone involved! 
Your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, mail man, babysitter... you get the point! Even if they don't have kids, we guarantee they purchase products with Box Tops on them or they shop online. It is SO EASY and costs them NOTHING! Tell them to go to, sign up, select St Cloud Elementary (no period after St) in West Orange, NJ, and THAT'S IT! They don't even have to live in NJ, there are plenty of programs all around the country for local grocery stores like Giant Eagle, HEB, and Kroger.